Jewelry Care

Things you can do to insure your Talisman has a long life:

  • Refrain from showering, bathing, and swimming with your jewelry. 

  • Do not expose it to chemicals. This includes soaps, lotions, and perfumes.

  • Be gentle with it. Please don’t put your jewelry in bags/backpacks without some protection. Do not do vigorous exercise or hula-hoop on delicate crystals.

  • Drink enough water! (Really!)

Over time copper jewelry's color will shift and change due to the natural oils from skin. As copper is from the earth, interactions above ground and exposure to the elements will effect coppers coloring.

A lot of individuals find that copper has many positive health benefits, including a reduction in inflammation and pain. Copper jewelry has been used for this purpose for many years, and therefore the work of Bonesteeth is generally left uncoated with sealants. 

Many people will experience copper "staining" their skin, which can easily be washed off with soap and water. Generally, staining only occurs because folk's PH levels are off. Copper is magical in the way that it warns us when we need more water, which 95% of the time solves the issue of staining. A proper PH can also be restored by adding more nourishing greens into your diet.



Bonesteeth accepts a handful of customs three to four times a year. Customs will be announced through my email list. Please sign up to get updates and to get first dibs at spots. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for the email list. Please remember that a request is just that and doesn’t mean that your custom will get accepted.

If you would like a custom, here are some suggestions to having it accepted.


  • Use photo examples of Boneteeth work only! I cannot and will not reproduce the work of any other artist.

  • Be very descriptive about your ideas and image of what you'd like crafted. If you're fairly open about your custom and happy with most of the work I come up with, I'm more likely to take your idea. I like taking customs that still allow me to be creative.

  • Be ready to put down a deposit. I am excited about your vision but ask that you take my time and work seriously.

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